Portfolio Name


Investment Aim

    • To target a positive capital return of cash plus 3.5%(not guaranteed) over the medium term with a focus on capital preservation, across the market cycle. The investment style is focused on generating low volatility of returns relative to the stockmarket. This will be achieved by utilising principally absolute return funds, alternative assets, fixed income and multi asset investment strategies with a minimum exposure to equites, via a portfolio of unit trusts, OEICs and investment trusts. The benchmarks are the FTSE Private Investor Conservative Index and the FTSE All-Share Index.

Key Facts

    • Soft Launch Date: 1st Jan 2015
    • Actual Launch Date: 1st July 2016
    • ISA/SIPP compliant
    • £20,000 minimum

Portfolio Co-ordinator

Portfolio Managers

    • Pilling & Co Investment Managers


    • Medium/Low, Capital preservation focus (this is not an income product).