General Investment Account (GIA)

General Investment Account / Nominee Account Storage ConceptYou are one account opening form away from being able to operate a full stockbroking account with us. Our General Investment Account – we call it a Nominee Account – gives you access to a world of equity shares, fixed interest stocks, units and other financial instruments.

Our dealers are some of the most experienced in the business, with access to a host of reliable industry contacts. They are available to you via direct dial and will always act as your first point of contact with the firm. Not only will they arrange your deal to your precise requirements, they can explain market activity, corporate actions and give you a feel for what is going on in what can be a fast-paced environment.

Whilst you are in control of the investment decisions we provide the support to settle your deals against the cash or shares we hold for you, mop up the dividends and inform you of key decisions relating to your investments. A General Investment Account / Nominee Account provides the means to take part in placings and issues of new stock that may not be available to ISAs and other tax-incentivised accounts. And, of course, without contribution limits, the size of your account is down to how much you want to subscribe and how well your investments perform.

Our accounts team support the day-to-day operations of your account and will arrange withdrawals, automatic dividend reinvestments and regular income payments direct to your nominated bank account.

Like all Pilling clients you can view your Nominee Account / General Investment Account via our secure client web access facility where you can also store correspondence, dealing confirmations and our various publications.

As standard, our accounts are execution-only, which means you need to be able to make your own investment decisions without financial advice. However, we have a team of skilled investment managers who are able to work with you to devise and execute your chosen investment strategy.

Key benefits of our General Investment Account / Nominee Account:

  • Commissions from £10 per deal
  • Huge choice of investments in units, shares and fixed income
  • Access to major international markets
  • Dividend reinvestment service
  • Experienced dealing team always your first point of contact
  • Quarterly newsletter with investment news and ideas

Further General Investment Account / Nominee Account Information