Real Time Dealing

Real Time Dealing Mechanical StopwatchUnlike many Stockbrokers, we can deal instantly for you.

When you ring us you your call be answered by a qualified stockbroker and you will not be put through several call transfers.

Orders given to our dealers are carried out straight away and not passed to a central office. Delays run the risk of prices being missed. We do not deal ‘once a day’, or even ‘on certain days of the week’, and if preferred, you can hold on the telephone while your orders are completed.

Dealing this way, you have our Dealers’ undivided attention and this often means an improvement on the dealing price, giving you more shares when buying and greater proceeds when selling. This fact alone could negate some, if not all of the commission charges.

If you already know which stock you wish to buy or sell, our dealers are happy to take your telephone instructions and carry out the order. They will give your order the same attention as any Investment Managed or Discretionary orders and will get you the best price available.

For new customers to Pilling & Co, we need payment before your first purchases are made and in the case of sales, stock with signed transfer forms (Stock Transfer FormCrest Transfer Form) must be with us before dealing. You also need to complete our New Client Form and provide proof of identity (details are on the form).

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have on 0161 832 6581 between 8.00am and 5.15pm on any business day when there is always somebody here to help you.

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