Registering for your CTF

I have been told my Child Trust Fund is with Pilling & Co

If you have received information that Pilling & Co hold your Child Trust Fund you can complete our New Registered Contact Form which will enable you to provide your current contact details and to gain information about the account. You will need to quote the CTF holder’s HMRC Unique Reference Number on the form. This is also their National Insurance Number. Without this information we cannot register you.

The form will need to be printed, but once complete it can be returned by email to Alternatively you can post it to Pilling & Co, Henry Pilling House, Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AF.

Who can become the Registered Contact for the CTF?

The Registered Contact has to be 16 years old or older. If the CTF holder is 16 or older they can become the Registered Contact. Before they are 16, a parent or guardian can become the Registered Contact. Once the CTF holder becomes 16 they can take over as the Registered Contact.

What information will the Registered Contact receive?

The Registered Contact will receive login details to enable them to check the value of the CTF account at any time. They will also be able to make enquiries about the account.

If I am 18 or nearly 18 do I need to become the Registered Contact?

No. The CTF matures when you are 18 and there is no need to complete a Registered Contact form. Please read the page Turning 18 with a Pilling Child Trust Fund which details your options. If you choose to keep all/part of your account with us there will be a separate form to complete.

Can I find out how much the CTF is worth without becoming the Registered Contact?

Yes. We can inform you of the value without the need to register. We will run through security questions and ask you for the HMRC URN/National Insurance Number. Please telephone 0161 819 4801 and have your HMRC number to hand to find out the current value of your CTF