Pilling Ideal Portfolios (PIPs) February 2024 Factsheets

The Pilling Ideal Portfolios (PIPs) are six portfolios of funds carefully selected by our Investment Managers.

As a stockbroking and wealth management firm our Investment Managers have regular contact with the country’s leading fund management groups. It is difficult for a single fund management group to have sufficient expertise across all sectors and geographic areas – so we research which fund managers are best in each particular area and “cherry pick” the best for you.

Find out more in our latest factsheets on each PIP:

PIPs in Portfolios

PIPs can be bought in your Pilling ISA & SIPP portfolios.  They can also be bought via a Pilling Nominee Account. Due to the spread of investments we suggest the minimum investment should be £20,000 per PIP.  You may add further money to the PIP later if you wish providing it does not breach any contribution limits for ISAs and SIPPs.

Discretionary Basis

PIPs are only available on a discretionary basis which means that we make changes to the portfolio when we think it best to do so. You will be sent contract notes when any changes are made and we provide you with a full report on the progress every six months.

How to open an Account

If you would like to open an account with Pilling & Co but wish to talk to somebody first, our Investment Managers will be pleased to speak to you on 0161 819 4825. Alternatively, you can write, e-mail us at investmentservices@pilling.co.uk or arrange to meet an Investment Manager in Manchester, and put a face to a voice.

Further PIP Information