PIP Charges

If you would like to sell existing holdings to raise cash to invest in a PIP, we will charge our normal commission of 1.65% on the first £10,000 and 0.5% on any balance, per bargain. Additionally, our normal commission will be charged on purchasing the investments in the PIP and, any switching of investments thereafter.

Our custody fee is 0.5% per annum charged six monthly in arrears on the total value of ALL your accounts with Pilling & Co. The fee has a minimum of £43.60 and a maximum of £152.60 per year. If you are registered for using Client Web Access (CWA) these fees reduce to a minimum of £41.80 and a maximum of £146.30. In other words, any value over £30,520 (non CWA) and £29,260 is free so you may wish to consolidate your investments from other managers.

Our management charge is also lower than our normal discretionary rate at 0.5% plus VAT per annum on the value of your PIP assets. This is levied proportionately every six months at the time of our report.

The individual funds also charge annual management fees which will be reflected in the unit price. Details of these charges will be available on the managers websites.

Further PIP Information