Probate Matters

Probate Matters Quill and Ink Pot

At a time when clients are most in need of help, Pilling & Co are able to provide support, in a sympathetic and caring way.

If you should be affected by a bereavement, please feel free to call and speak to our knowledgeable Manager responsible for Probate matters who will be happy to help and talk you through the different stages.

We are proud to offer an efficient and quality Probate service and we aim to make the process as hassle free and seamless as possible for all parties involved.

We can assist with:

  • General help and advice
  • Preparing a Probate valuation of securities

A standard Probate valuation for assets held in nominee is charged at £12.50 +VAT per stock with a minimum of £37 +VAT per valuation prepared, for certificated holdings not in our nominee the charges are £20 +VAT per stock with a minimum £60. Additional charges may apply for more complex securities.

  • We can organise the registration of the Probate with all relevant registrars
  • We are specialists in overseas securities, which can be tricky to deal with
  • An investments review can be offered

We can help you cover immediate cash requirements, i.e. selling holdings prior to Probate being granted; as long as we hold the stock in our nominee service, in order to provide proceeds to be paid direct to HMRC to settle outstanding Inheritance Tax bills.

Once the Estate is successfully wound up we would be delighted to offer our portfolio management services to the beneficiaries.

For more information please call us on 0161 819 4825 between 8am and 5.15pm Mon – Fri, when there will always be someone available to help you further.