Portfolios for Inheritance Tax (IHT) Mitigation

Portfolios for Inheritance Tax (IHT) Mitigation Silver Secure BriefcaseOur AiM Portfolio Service is surely one of the most straightforward and effective methods of estate planning available because it offers investors relief from inheritance tax after just two years.

We invest in a portfolio of companies selected from AiM, the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. Claiming to be the most successful growth market in the world, AiM was set up in 1995. Since then over 3600 companies have joined AiM which aims to help smaller, often younger, companies access the capital they need to grow.

The portfolio is managed with the objective of reducing risk where possible and seeking out growth with some income. We achieve this by operating a diverse range of stocks with as wide a range of influences as possible rather than simply chasing the latest fashions. We acknowledge that by reference to our own risk guidelines for investment, the AiM Portfolio Service is still classed as a high-risk investment.

Our core model portfolio – clients enjoy their own tailored version – has an established track record that has regularly out-performed the wider AiM market.

Key benefits of our AiM Portfolio Service:

  • Relief from inheritance tax after two years
  • You retain full control of your capital and income generated
  • Can be used in ISAs and taxed accounts
  • Managed by experienced investors on your behalf
  • Online portfolio view allows you to track progress
  • Can be part of a larger overall portfolio strategy

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