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Trusts and CompaniesAs a trustee or company director you will have responsibilities to shareholders and beneficiaries that you want to be sure you can discharge with confidence and the minimum of fuss. At Pilling & Co we understand what it is to take responsibility for others’ financial well-being and we can help you.

We do not advise on trust construction or company formation – our expertise concerns the managing the assets of such vehicles – but we work closely with many qualified practitioners who can, thus ensuring we have no conflict of interests in our work for you.

Please select from the products and services below or call 0161 832 6581 to discuss your requirements with our friendly and experienced stockbrokers.

Rolled Paper Plans
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Pilling Ideal Portfolios (PIPs)
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Seedlings in Hand
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File Storage Box and Folders
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Plant in Hands
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Discretionary Management
Many Pilling & Co clients choose to have their investments managed by the firm on a discretionary basis. This is where investment decisions are made by us and acted upon without delay. Some of our ...
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Money Discussion
There is still a need for good stockbroking advice for clients who wish to retain ultimate control over their own investments. Working hand in hand with a dedicated Stockbroker who knows the market can add ...
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Investment Club, Trust or Business

If you are an Investment Club, Trust or Business (even if you are just applying to open an execution only account) you will also have to complete the personal information, investment questionnaire, notification of services required and risk warning notice sections (as appropriate) of our Client Agreement Form, and our Nominee Service Application Form for Companies, Trusts or Charities (noting the identification documentation required), then sign and return to us. We also require the following information if you are a:

  • Business

    Certified copies of latest audited accounts, Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association (or Partnership Agreement); copy of any resolutions affecting powers to make investments; full trading name and address (if different from registered name and address); full names, addresses and dates of birth of the two most senior directors (or partners) and two largest shareholders (if not same persons); list of persons authorised to give instructions that has been approved by board of directors (or partners); proof of regulated status if an IFA / Institution wishing to deal for own account. * Please note that we cannot deal for businesses or institutions based outside the UK.

  • Trust

    Certified copy of Trust Deed and any amendments that affect powers to make investments; full names, addresses and dates of birth of all trustees and beneficiaries; list of persons authorised to give instructions that has been approved by all trustees.

  • Investment Club

    Full names, addresses and dates of birth of all members; certified copy of Club Constitution (Pro-Share version preferred); list of all persons authorised to give instructions, receive documents and act as trustee for share registration purposes that has been approved by all members; a special FCA approved Pilling & Co Investment Club contract signed by all members (see Compliance Officer).

  • IFA Dealing for Own Clients

    Full name and trading address of business; list of all directors or partners; proof of regulated status; list of all persons authorised to give instructions approved by board of directors / partners; a completed FCA  approved Indirect Client Agreement contract (see supplement to our main Client Agreement) in which, inter alia, you confirm that you have obtained and recorded evidence of the identity of the person(s) on whose behalf you act.

  • Overseas Resident (whether or not you are a British citizen)

    Originals, or copies certified by an attorney, bank official or embassy, of all information sections of either your passport, driving licence or national identity card and an original or certified copy of either a personal bank statement, local or central government tax demand or local utility bill. Your name and address must be clearly shown and match the information you give us on the New Client Form. If your address is a PO box number please supply further confirmation of your identity, preferably in the form of a statement from an embassy / consulate or employer if your firm has a UK office or UK representative who we can easily contact. We also require your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

You will also need to give us an indication of the purpose of your organisation and the reasons why you wish to deal as an organisation and not as an individual. We would also appreciate an estimate of the size, type and frequency of deals you expect to instruct us to conduct on your behalf and an explanation of the source of the funds to be invested.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have on 0161 832 6581 between 8.00am and 5.15pm on any business day when there is always somebody here to help you.

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