Investment Management

Investment Management PeopleThere is still a need for good stockbroking advice for clients who wish to retain ultimate control over their own investments.

Working hand in hand with a dedicated Stockbroker who knows the market can add considerable value.

From information that you give us we work out your requirements and consider your view of risk. In some cases we might suggest broader investment areas as well as looking at Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax Planning. Our Investment Managers have the skills to discuss specialist investments such as ISAs, SIPPs and certain other tax efficient products as well as stocks and shares.

Our Investment Management Service gives you:

  • Your Personal Investment Manager
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Six Monthly Report including an economic and portfolio review, statement of transactions and a reconciliation of performance
  • Online Valuations
  • Portfolios built from ‘scratch’
  • Corporate Actions advice (e.g. Rights Issues etc.)

Your investment manager has no restrictions on the investments for your portfolio. There is no agenda pushing us to invest your money in certain brands or products. With investment opportunities in different sectors or markets, we have the freedom, (providing your investment restrictions are not breached), to seize these opportunities for you.

Investment Management Charges Summary and Notes

Pilling & Co offers this service on a fee basis. The management fee is 0.75% plus VAT per annum of the value of the portfolio up to £250,000 and 0.5% plus VAT on any excess, and is charged proportionately every six months.

The minimum portfolio value for an investment managed account is £75,000 with no maximum. You can include ISA and SIPP accounts with ordinary accounts to reach the minimum figure, as well as combining a spouse’s portfolio. We do stress however, that all these accounts must be with Pilling & Co and in our nominee company.

Every six months we send you a full report including a statement of transactions and reconciliation of performance. You also have access to on line valuations so you can always see your account position.

Open an Investment Management Account

To open an Investment Management account, please complete the New Client Application Form and our Client Agreement. When returning these documents please give us as much detail as possible including full details of your investments and personal financial circumstances which will make our advice as suitable as possible.

If you would like to open an account with Pilling & Co but wish to talk to somebody first, our Investment Managers will be pleased to speak to you on 0161 819 4825. Alternatively, you can write or e-mail us describing the type of service you require. You can also arrange to meet your Investment Manager in Manchester, and put a face to a voice.

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