Nominee Service Commissions & Charges

Dealing commission per deal, UK Equities, Preference Shares, Convertibles, Investment Trusts, Overseas Transactions, UK Gilts, Debentures, Loan Stocks and Unit Trusts/OEICS

1.65% on the first£10,000
0.50% on the next£90,000
0.40% on the excess over£100,000

UK purchases add 0.5% Stamp Duty.

Although most overseas transactions can be accommodated within these rates, please enquire at time of dealing as additional charges may be applicable.

A US Compliance Charge of £10 will be applied on all purchases of US domiciled securities* (excluding DRIP trades).

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP Scheme): 0.5% (no minimum) plus UK purchases add 0.5% Stamp Duty.

Nominee Administration

Transfer-in stockFree
Income distributionFree
Rights issues, takeovers, open offersFree
Half yearly statement and valuationFree
Consolidated tax voucherFree
Transfer stock out of nominees£24 (per security, per transfer)
Cash withdrawal via BACS to bankNil
Cash withdrawal by cheque£5 plus VAT
CHAPS payments£25 plus VAT
Probate/Certified Valuations (Nominees)£12.50 plus VAT per stock (min £37.50)
Probate/Certified Valuations (own name)£20 plus VAT per stock (min £60)
Transfer of beneficial ownership£20 plus VAT per stock plus stamp duty
Returned cheques£20 plus VAT
Safe Custody of Foreign Stocks£tba enquire at time of deal

Custody Fee

0.25% charged six monthly in arrears on the total value of ALL your accounts with Pilling & Co. The fee has a minimum of £25.00 and a maximum of £90.00 if you are registered for using our on-line portal Client Web Access (CWA). For clients who request postal documents the fees have a minimum of £30.00 and a maximum of £100.00. In other words, any value over £40,000 (non CWA) and £36,000 (CWA) is free so you may wish to consolidate your investments from other managers.

US domiciled securities* will attract an annual custody fee of £25 per security (capped at £200 pa) and will be charged six monthly in arrears.

* US domiciled securities exclude Global Depository/shares and American Depository receipts/shares.