Managed JISA Discretionary Questions & Answers

Answers to your most commonly asked questions about Managed JISAs.

Do you only offer Managed JISAs on a discretionary basis?

Yes, however, if you wish to make your own investment decisions we also offer an execution only JISA.

How will you invest the money for a Managed JISA ?

Pilling & Co invest monies via a discretionary management facility. That is to say we decide on your behalf how to invest JISA money to provide a suitable risk and reward solution. We provide details below to explain the nature of this investment and background performance.

As JISAs are a replacement for CTFs, in choosing our risk/reward profile we have taken into account the guidelines set out by the government in its information to stakeholder CTF providers. This means that investment can be made into equities, both in the UK and overseas, as well as proportions of cash and bonds, both corporate and government-issued, within a single priced fund. Pilling & Co’s investment managers will decide how this investment process is to be styled, whether it be via a single fund or multiple funds. Pilling’s Investment Managers are currently allocating 100% of JISA monies to the Baillie Gifford Managed Fund.

Further details of the fund can be found at: