Turning 18 with a Pilling Child Trust Fund

Turning 18 years old with a Pilling Child Trust Fund? If so, then read our Turning 18 years old with a Pilling Child Trust Fund Guide for your options and information. If you do need to talk to us use our dedicated helpline: 01618194801

Wasps Finance Plc – 6.5% Secured Bonds due 13th May 2022 – Delayed Repayment

Stock information – XS1221940510 The Bonds’ final Maturity Date was set to occur on 13 May 2022 and in connection with the proposed refinancing, the redemption of the Bonds at their nominal amount will be delayed pending completion of the refinancing. U.S. Bank Trustees Limited (the “Trustee”) has also been … Read more

The Vitec Group Plc – Company Name Change

Stock details – GB0009296665 Ordinary Shares Further to the Company`s previous announcement, the change of the Company`s name from The Vitec Group plc to Videndum plc has become effective on 23 May 2022. The Company`s change of name and change of Tradable Instrument Display Mnemonic (`TIDM`) from VTC to VID … Read more

CopperBank Resources – Name Change

Stock information – CA2176212009 CopperBank Resources Corp.  is pleased to announce that shareholders voted overwhelmingly to approve the name change to Faraday Copper Corp.   New stock information – CA3073571034 Sedol – BLNNJN8 Ticker – FDY If you hold the stock with Pilling & Co you do not have to take … Read more