Kings Arms Yard VCT – Name Change

Kings Arms Yard VCT Plc has announced that the Company’s name has changed to Albion Crown VCT PLC with effect from 17th June 2024. This change of name will closer align with the identity of the other VCTs managed by the investment manager, Albion Capital Group LLP. The existing stock market ticker, KAY, will be retained as will its ISIN and LEI. The change of name will not affect any rights of shareholders and existing share certificates will remain valid. Share certificates issued from 17 June 2024 will bear the new name, Albion KAY VCT PLC. The Company’s webpage on the manager’s website will remain

If you hold the stock with Pilling & Co, you do not have to take any action; we will automatically update your account with this action.

Should you have any queries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us quoting ‘Kings Arm Yard’

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