CTF Charge Structure

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What are the annual costs of a Non-stakeholder CTF?

The annual custody charge for your Pilling non-stakeholder CTF is 0.5% of the value with a minimum of only £21.80 and a maximum of £76.30. If you are registered for using Client Web Access (CWA) these fees reduce to a minimum of £20.90 and a maximum of £73.15.

What are the standard dealing charges for a Non-stakeholder CTF?

With a minimum of only £10, our commission per deal is 1.65% of the first £10,000 value and 0.5% thereafter on any excess. We must charge you Government stamp duty at 0.5% of the value when buying UK shares, preference stocks and convertibles.

Are there any extra charges on overseas securities?

Whenever possible we trade and hold overseas securities through Crest and although the handling costs are higher than UK securities, Pilling & Co absorb the fees and no extra charge is made.

However, if you choose an investment which cannot be traded or held via Crest and a third party has to be used, the cost incurred will be passed on to you. Although most overseas transactions can be accommodated within our commission rates, please enquire at time of dealing as additional charges may be applicable.


What are the annual costs of a Stakeholder CTF?

The total annual cost for the Managed CTF is approximately 1.5% of the fund value per annum. Part of this is charged within the fund that the CTF is invested in by the fund manager and the other part will be charged by us and will appear on your Pilling statement (see Charges).

The Pilling part of the charge will use an average price of the units to determine the value. The fee that will be levied in March/April 2018 will use an average price from the unit inception (3/1/2018) to the period end date in March/April 2018. Future years will use a full years average price to value the units.

The debit created by the fee should be covered by the annual dividend that will be credited to the CTF. If at any point the dividend does not cover the fee, we reserve the right to either carry forward the shortfall and add it to the following years charge or sell sufficient units to cover the debit balance.

What are the dealing charges for a Stakeholder CTF?

Our commission per deal is 1.65% of the first £10,000 value and 0.5% thereafter on any excess.

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