Royal Mail Plc – Company Name Change

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The Company has confirmed its name has changed from Royal Mail plc to International Distributions Services plc. The Company announced the decision to change its name to International Distributions Services plc on 20 July 2022 together with its first quarter 2022 results. This reflects the increased importance of GLS to the group, the strength in markets outside the UK, the shape and performance of the group, and the position in the wider logistics and distribution markets. It will not have any impact on the brands Royal Mail and GLS. The Board has always maintained that there should be no cross subsidy in the Group and recognises the need to address improvements in Royal Mail`s performance quickly. In the event that significant change within Royal Mail is not achieved, the Board will consider all options to protect the value and prospects of the Group, including separation of the two companies.

This change has now taken effect.  Shareholders should note that their shareholdings will be unaffected by the change of name. Existing share certificates should be retained as they will remain valid for all purposes and no new share certificates will be issued. The Company`s stock market TIDM will become “IDS” from 8:00 am (UK time) on 5 October 2022. The ISIN, SEDOL, and CUSIPs will remain unchanged. The Company`s Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) remains 213800TCZZU84G8Z2M70.

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