IGas Energy plc – Company Name Change

Stock information – GB00BZ042C28

ORD GBP0.00002 (BZ042C2)

The Company has been reshaping its strategic direction to reflect the transition to a lower carbon economy. Following the acquisition of deep geothermal developer, GT Energy UK Limited, in September 2020 and the Company’s subsequent activities in this sector, the Board is proposing a change in the Company’s name to Star Energy Group plc.  The change of name will be effective once the relevant paperwork has been processed by Companies House and once Companies House has issued a new certificate in respect of the change of name.

Upon the change of name becoming effective, the Company’s TIDM will be changed to ‘STAR’. A subsequent announcement will be made when the Company’s change of name has become effective and until this announcement, trading will continue under the existing TIDM of ‘IGAS’. The Company’s website is also expected to change to: www.starenergygroupplc.com.

The proposed change of company name will not affect the rights of shareholders and all existing share certificates should be retained as they will remain valid; no new share certificates will be issued.

If you hold the stock with Pilling & Co you do not have to take any action; we will update your account on your behalf. If you have any queries please contact the team on caisa@Pilling.co.uk 



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