CentralNic Group Plc – Company Name Change

CentralNic Group plc has announced that on 28 September 2023 it will hold a General Meeting (“GM”) at 10.30 BST, for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolutions: That, the Company`s name be changed from `CentralNic Group Plc` to `Team Internet Group Plc` with immediate effect; and that, the Company`s share premium account of USD 98,529,000 be cancelled. The proposed change in name reflects the Company continued commitment to growth, innovation, and the dedication to providing exceptional products to the Company customers and partners. The cancellation of the share premium account will enable the Company to increase its distributable reserves to facilitate making future distributions to its shareholders, including the payment of dividends. Further, effective from 5 September 2023, the Company`s shares will be trading under the ticker “TIG”. Its ISIN will remain unchanged. The Notice of General Meeting will shortly be available on the Company`s new website. The Company is offering facilities for shareholders to attend by conference call to ask questions in real time should they wish to do so. Shareholders will be able to follow the proceeding of the GM over the online Investor Meet Company platform by registering in advance via the following link: www.investormeetcompany.com/centralnic-group-plc/register-investor. Shareholders who already follow CentralNic Group plc on the Investor Meet Company platform will automatically be invited. Shareholders are invited to submit any questions in respect of the meeting for the Board to consider. Questions may be submitted in advance up until 09:00 BST the day before the meeting or during the meeting over the Investor Meet Company platform following registration, and the Board will aim to respond to any such questions relevant to the business of the meeting. Shareholders taking part via the Investor Meet Company platform will not be able to speak or vote on the GM resolutions. Shareholders are therefore strongly encouraged to exercise their voting rights by completing and submitting a Form of Proxy. It is highly recommended that Shareholders submit their Form of Proxy as early as possible to ensure that their votes are counted at the GM.

CAB ID: 1085/23/1



Security: ORD GBP0.001

Terms: All securities under CentralNic Group Plc will change issuer name to Team Internet Group Plc, subject to Shareholders approval at the General Meeting.

Titles: GB00BCCW4X83 ORD GBP0.001 (BCCW4X8)

Settlement Type: Crest

Relative Details and Dates:

Please see below for expected timetable:

– The ISIN number will remain unchanged.
– The Company now trades under the ticker “TIG”.

2023-09-04 Change of TIDM effective date

2023-09-28 The general meeting will be held (10:30 BST) on

Pilling & Co Client Information:

If you hold the stock with Pilling & Co you do not have to take any action; we will update your account on your behalf. If you have any queries please contact the team on caisa@pilling.co.uk.